Outdoor Fun Activities for Young Families

1. Hiking – Hiking is a healthy and beneficial activity for the whole family and the kids, it not only keeps the whole family fit and reduce health issues for both kids and adults, this exercise offers great adventures. The whole family can get out to the fresh air and explore Canada’s hiking trails. Canada offers great scenes in most of its hiking destinations from beaches, rain forests to mountains. Families will find this the best time to connect with each other as they tackle the challenges of reaching the set destination. Kids can learn how to set goals and work towards achieving them through hiking, additionally hiking helps them build their confidence.

2. Camping – Camping can be instrumental for a young family as it offers bonding time. Families work together, cooking, hiking, fishing and roasting marshmallows. This time is also essential for kids as they learn life skills such as building fires and cooking. The whole family also gets to enjoy the fresh air and open skies. Canada offers beautiful destinations that are free or discounted, this sites offer plenty of beautiful trails, mountains and forest to explore. An adventure in camping is an unmatched time for the family free from PCs, phones and TVs.

3. Fishing – Fishing is not online an important skill for the family but also a fun activity. Although fishing in Canada will require you to have a fishing license, it’s very much worth it. Fishing is among the 12 activities promoted by Ontario Children’s Outdoor Charter that strives to get kids outdoor and active. The education and experience your kids will gain from this activity will live with them forever.

4. Road tripping – Road tripping across Canada is a great way for young families to travel and see Canada with all its rich destinations, one of the most famous route is Vancouver to Tofino, British Columbia. This trip offers mountains, coastlines, lakes, an 800 year old trees and much more. There are plenty more routes families can choose from and they all have something special to offer. Families need only to choose which route offers what they like and wish to see.

5. Kayaking – Most people find Kayaking a complicated water activity but it’s not, even infants can kayak with the right guidance. Families can find this a great way to spend their day or weekend outdoor and in the water. It is also known to be healthy and promote fitness as you paddle through the water. It offers a great time in the water for the family. Popular destinations include Vancouver Island, Rocky Mountains and Yukon.

6. Ranching – Horseback riding, fishing, rafting and plenty more are all the activities families can enjoy in a ranch. Ranching offers a great experience for the whole family. It is a get a way for the whole family, getting away from the hassles of the city, school, work and tech gadgets. A ranching experience allows the family and especially the kids to get in touch with nature and learn about the country side. Canada offers numerous ranches where young families can visit in their vacation.

7. Skiing – Canada is famous for skiing because of its snowy winters and it is quite clear why this activity attracts millions every year. Skiing is a fun packed activity for the whole family offering a majestic way to be out in the environment, kids can enjoy playing in the snow when they are not skiing as well as ice skating. Skiing is also great exercise for kids keeping the kids fit and having fun.

8. Biking – Biking might well be the least expensive outdoor activity young families can engage in, although families with kids cannot go for long distance the short distances are still worth it. In Canada the Ontario waterfront trail is most famous to take a relaxing bike ride. Families looking for a more challenging experience can go for mountain biking in the Grandiose Mountains. Whatever the destination chosen the whole family is promised loads of fun and a great feel out in nature.

9. Canoeing – Canoeing is a thrilling action packed activity that will surely get the whole family excited and scared at the same time. The Bowron lakes circuit is one of the best canoeing destinations. Canoeing offers a break from the daily hassles of life offering a spectacular time in the water. Families have been canoeing for years some famously known for making a cross country trek from Edmonton to Montreal. Young families can be involved in this by simply renting a canoe and learning about canoeing from a guide.

10. Rock climbing – This can be well incorporated with mountain given the many mountains in Canada, although this can be a bit dangerous for kids with the right precaution it is a perfectly safe activity. Destinations such as Lake Louise, Canmore and Banff, Alberta offer mountain climbing for kids as young as 10 years. This is a great activity for the whole family to get engaged in offering intense exercise and outdoor playtime.