How to Ensure Your Child’s Playground is Safe

Playing is an important part of a child’s development. It is key in ensuring that children are healthy. The backyard is an important place from where the children can play as it ensures they are within the confines of the homestead. That said, however, there have been many accidents on these backyard playgrounds with some of them being fatal. Annually, there are in excess of 190,000 children who are taken to emergency rooms as a result of injuries acquired on playgrounds. As such, it is important that you take the necessary precautions to ensure that these backyards remain safe for children’s this article, I will be relaying as much information to you on enhancing your children’s safety at the playground.

It is important that the playing equipment remains safe at all time. In light of this, you should ensure that all the playing equipment is installed on a level ground. This is to ensure that the equipment can’t tip over- as this could cause accidents.

Most backyard playgrounds feature swings. They are an integral part of kids’ play equipment. It is thus important to ensure they are safe. This can be achieved by ensuring that the swing seats are composed of soft rubber as opposed to hardwood. Rubber offers adequate cushion which would come in handy in preventing injuries as a result of using the swing. All protruding bolts on these swings should also be covered as they could cause injuries.

Slides are also very attractive to kids. They will play on them for hours upon hours. That said, there is an important safety factor you should put into consideration before installing them- their height. The slides should be at most six feet high if they are to be used by school-going children and at most four feet high if they are to be used by preschoolers. This is in a quest to avert the risk of kids getting injured from falling off while climbing up to the slides.

All platforms as well as ramps or ladders must always bear adequate guardrails. This is key in avoiding accidents of children falling off the platforms. So, before you let the kids climb up the ladders or platforms, ensure they are equipped with adequate guardrails for safety.

It is important that you regularly check all the equipment on the playground for wear. This is to ensure that the equipment remain safe at all times to avoid accidents that might be brought about by their failure.

As kids grow, they advance from one set of play equipment to another. In light of this, it is important that you ensure the equipment the kids use to play on the backyard playground coincide with their age. All the swings as well as climbers should be age-appropriate and not ones that the kids are to grow into.

Supervision is what I would consider key in ensuring that your kids remain safe on the backyard playground. Always keep an eye on them as this will help you put a stop to any dangerous play. It is important to note that unsupervised play contributes to in excess of 40% of all playground related injuries.

With this information, I hope I have addressed some of your concerns on ensuring your children’s safety at the playground.