Friends of Goodwin Park (FOGP)



October Meeting:  We will meet at 7 PM at the Pond House on Monday October 20. (See below for directions to the Pond House)

FOGP was formed as a community group to watch over the park's maintenance and work on projects to improve the park.  Click here for a brief history of the park.

Park Gardens:  Volunteers are needed to weed the entrance gardens. We also have gardens around the Pond House and next to the Pool House. You can sign up to work with a group by calling or emailing Mary McAtee 860-655-4017 Or you can just show up with your gardening clothes and trowel and start weeding.

Goodwin Park Golf Course Re-Opening:  Click here for Hartford Courant article. 

Social Media for FOGP:  One of our priorities is to upgrade our webpage, develop a presence on Facebook and establish a blog. If you have technical skills and would like to volunteer to be part of this effort please email or call president Mary McAtee. We have great ideas, lots of ambition, but are deficient in IT and social media expertise. You can offer as little or as much time as you prefer.

Tennis Courts:  For the past two years the Friends have been trying to save the park's tennis courts which have been mostly abandoned by the City.  Two courts have been re-coated so far Click here for pictures . Volunteers are needed to help finish the other 2 courts. Even a small amount of time patching cracks is helpful. Call or email Jon Ney to volunteer at 860-296-5742 or

Woods Path:  The path through the woods that cuts off the corner at Ridge Road and Jordan Lane has been cleared of fallen trees and leaves as of June 6,2014. The path was improved last year by the addition of a bench to rest on in the middle of the path. Click here for pictures  This is a great way to soak up a little nature in an urban area and it's also a good place to walk your dog. The lower end has a connecter path to the golf course road and a path to Jordan Lane so that it can be used by folks who like to walk around the park or use the path as a loop trail.  For directions to get to the path click here.

Good News:  The City has finally closed the road through the park to through traffic. Barriers and signs have been installed to stop traffic from driving through the park. Additional barriers have been placed on the roadway to keep people from driving around. The Friends have been trying to get this done for years as the road has been mostly used by people driving too fast through the park for multiple times trying to impress others by playing their car's sound systems at extreme volume levels. This has really made it hard for the people who come to the park to enjoy its features and want to safely walk, bike, or roller skate through the park.  Now there is a stretch of road between the barricades that children and adults can use without being put in danger by thoughtless drivers.

New Concept Plan for park:   President Mary McAtee has come up with a new concept plan for the future of Goodwin Park.  Click here to read the plan.

Past projects include the installation of a flagpole at the park entrance and the installation of permanent benches around the park's walkway.  FOGP has also organized community events at the park such as this year's October Fest, past years Easter Egg Hunts, and park cleanups which often are followed by picnics.  Members also volunteered this year to help at the Holiday Light Fantasia.  In the past we have had volunteer groups from "Heads Up Hartford," Trinity College, and St. Joseph's University come to the park and work with our members to help with flower beds, cutting trails, litter pick up and other projects.  The Friends of Goodwin Park appreciates these volunteer efforts and is open to any group that would like to volunteer to help in our efforts to maintain and improve the park.

Current projects include: !. Getting the increasingly foul pond by the Pond House cleaned up.  2. Taking care of the poisonous vines that are strangling the trees in the park woods. 3. Trying to keep the park maintained. Click here for City e-mail addresses to contact Hartford government about these issues.   

Our motto is Neighbors helping Neighbors  for a better neighborhood.  Anyone interested in getting involved with FOGP is invited to attend our monthly meeting held at 7 p.m. every third Monday of the month at the Pond House located near the Hubbard Road entrance to the park. (See map below)  Since the park straddles the Wethersfield/Hartford line we would like to see people from both communities get involved.

 All meetings will be held at the Pond House (see map below for directions) unless indicated otherwise.  Anyone interested in the welfare of the park is invited to attend.

For more information call President Mary McAtee at 860-655-4017 or e-mail Mary at:

   Left: Goodwin Park Pond House                      Below: Map of Goodwin Park